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  • It's free and easy to publish. And remember you can always save a draft. It all happens in the My Articles section of My Studio. (Yes, you are always the owner of your content!)
  • You'll write a title, enter your text (it's easy to cut and paste from another document), choose a photo and then choose which channels you want your article to appear in. We'll provide a complimentary proofreading and in no time at all, we'll send a “You're Published” email with a link right to your article.
  • Other Members may comment on your articles or reviews. And if you'd like, we'll notify you when there's a new comment.
  • You submit reviews the same way you submit articles, except that you'll enter the brand name and the name of the product. And you won't have to choose a photo.
  • Once you submit them, they'll publish immediately, so please proof them carefully!